Mastering Excel -Summary

Excel, helps excel programmers in easily preparing spreadsheet and reports, by sorting out the required information from the loads of data present within the company. However when you are tired of the figures and data you can play some games that can help you feel refreshed. Here are few games that you can play and enjoy with excel spreadsheets.

1. Sonic excel is a brilliant flash game, that has been designed especially for the convenience of excel consultants. It is an action game with the main character sonic, a puppet. The game is divided to stages where finally you will have a fight against Dr. Robot nick.

2. Simpsons, is a famous excel quiz game that can be played by excel consultants. The game has questions related to the characters appearing in television. It also helps you in showing your family, how much more you know about television in comparison to the others.

3. Ghost and goblins is an adventurous game designed using flash technology to enable you to play on excel. The game has been made exciting by the witched and demons, they kidnap a princess and you, need to rescue her with the help of spade, axes and other weapons.

4. There are also games developed using VBA languages, which excel experts, can play in their spreadsheets. Monopoly excel is one of the best among them , where excel consultants need to buy properties, build houses and hotels and claim rent from the visitors as well as pay rent to others.

5. Space invader is another VBA excel game, where you can enjoy with the aliens and protect the earth to be conquered by them. This game is simply addictive and a real refresher.

6. There are also excel based film quiz games, where the name of the film appears with a particular scene from the film, but the actor and actress do not appear. If you are a movie lover then the game is easy, you just need to identify and name the person who has acted in the film.

7. There are also quiz games where you need to see the logo and identify the company the logo represents. There are more than 120 logos in the game which makes it more interesting and the game can be repeated time and again. There are so many companies and all of them have their own logos, many a times we buy a product and do not know about the company, the logo in the game makes the excel consultants familiar to the company.

8. There are also games where you can find quiz related to music. In this kind of an excel game there are questions and you need to write the name of the musician. You can also find pictures of the artists to make the game a little interesting and easy.